BoVoice™ speech software delivers a suite of proprietary speech enhancement algorithms to improve intelligibility in voice communications on embedded devices. Our core building blocks offer state-of-the-art noise reduction and echo cancellation, with scalable processing to enable applications with limited power, CPU and memory resources.



  • Conferencing systems
  • Mobile device and Tablets
  • Speakerphones
  • Gaming consoles
  • Robotics
  • Bluetooth headsets
  • VoIP

Library modules

  • Acoustic Echo Canceler
  • Voice Activity Detector
  • Microphone Arrays
  • Residual Echo Reduction
  • Noise Reduction
  • Comfort Noise Generator
  • Automatic Gain Control


  • Full-Duplex
  • Single or multi-microphone configurations
  • Adjustable echo tail
  • Fast convergence time
  • >65dB echo cancellation
  • Standard and HD voice
  • Floating and Fixed point implementations


  • ADI SHARC and Blackfin
  • CSR Bluetooth chipset
  • Windows, Mac and Linux
  • ARM-Cortex+Neon
  • Tensilica HiFi2